Bonnie the Bunny - Sensory Soft Toy Rattle

Bonnie the Bunny - Sensory Soft Toy Rattle


Have you met Bonnie? She could be the perfect gift for a special little someone.

Our Bunnies are individually made to provide interaction and stimulation to your little ones needs. Each Bunny has a solid natural smooth Beech wooden ring making it easy for little people to grab onto, soft wool felt ears that crinkle as you touch them and rattles as the little one giggles. All Bunnies are inserted with 100% recycled PET Toy fill which is also 100% non-allergenic.

Why not create the perfect newborn bundle with Bonnie and one of our many products. Send us a message and we can customise your perfect bundle just for you.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Bonnie can be hand washed. Wipe wooden rings with soap and water. Don't leave to soak. Please replace ring at any sign of "wear".

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